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When in high school, future dentists should start preparing for their career and should start to take classes based on their major. More and more students are applying to Dental School and competition is very tough. Below, is a short and simple guide on how to strengthen your application and prepare for the pre-dental route.

  • Science Courses

Future dentists should most definitely take as many science courses (preferably AP, IB, or DE) they can such as Biology, Chemistry, as well as math courses like Algebra and Calculus. Take as many science and math classes as you can to show colleges that you are the best candidate!

  • Recommended Courses

Suggested and strongly recommended classes include Anatomy (and Physiology) and AP Environmental. Also, consider volunteering and shadowing at your local dental clinic; this shows colleges that you are determined to become a dentist and that you have experience. Also, consider joining medical clubs at schools, such as Science Olympiad, HOSA, or any additional clubs your school provides!

  • Requirements

In college, Dental Schools usually have a certain requirement of the classes you have to take. These are also known as Pre Requirements, or Pre-Reqs. The basic requirements are General chemistry with lab, Organic chemistry with lab, Biochemistry, Biology with lab, Physics, Math, English, and Psychology.

  • Stay Updated

Finally, always remember to check with your dental school to make sure you are taking the needed classes. These classes will help prepare you for dental school and provide a strong, foundation of knowledge many people in the medical field need!

Written by: Urja Nayak



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