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The Sterilization Room is a space where the dental staff come in and out many times. With that being said, the sterilization room may have a possibility of overcrowding and this can cause problems with the team members bumping into each other that can risk damage and injury. Because of this reason, the sterilization room has to have the characteristics that ensure safety and quality. The size of the sterilization depends on the size of the office, quantity of treatment rooms, and the number of patients in the clinic. However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that the size should be enough for the staff to work in the room and for the items to be stored. Below are ways to manage and clean the sterilization room.

How to Manage the Sterilization Room

  • Give the room a good amount of space and a good location

Keeping the Sterilization Room Clean

  • Protect yourself


Written by: Eveline Chaidez



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