WHY Dentistry | TTB

Improve the quality of life and help people

Dental treatment really can help people. A successful root treatment or filling can help to remove pain; a denture may help people eat foods they may previously have struggled with. Dentists help people’s health by treating gum disease, dental caries, and related pathology. This can in turn improve their quality of life.

Lifelong relationships with patients/working with people

Dentistry wouldn’t really be the same without the patients, so it’s definitely a good career for those who like to meet new people and develop relationships with them.

For the artistic side

One definition of dentistry is that it is, ‘the art and science of oral health’. We often think of it as a science but there is definitely an artistic element, from shaping a white filling on an anterior tooth to realigning a whole arch.

For the money — financial independence

With an income at this level, financial independence seems very feasible. Then work hard enough, invest in the right training, practice, give it some time and the earning potential goes even further. Therein lies the issue of the money being a great reason to choose dentistry.

The status and professional recognition

Some may say they ‘hate dentists’ or at least the experience of going to the dentist but they identify it as a respectable profession, one requiring higher education and expertise. And it is in this country, by the strictest definition, a profession: a self-regulated industry.

Written by: Shreya Selvavel

Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/sj.bdj.2017.617



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